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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beautee Face Ampoules


Beautee Ampoules -- Formulated in Germany
10 X 3 ml (sekotak)

BEAUTEE ampoules contain botanical extracts and vitamins in various combinations and do not have any preservatives and colours, due to the airtight packaging. BEAUTEE ampoules can have remarkable effects on various skin conditions. Visible results are achieved within a short time after application. Use before and after facial powder mask will boost up facial result. Massage with ultrasonic machine after applying ampoule will achieve beauty salon treatment result.

 Jenis Beatee Ampoules
1.  Eye Care Ampoule -- Reduce Eyes Puffiness and Dark Circles
2.  Firming Ampoule -- Lifting and Firming for Matured Skin (Menghilangkan kedutan,memperbaharui sel kulit,mengelakkan sel kulit jatuh,menghilangkan garis-garis halus dan mengecil kan muka)
3.  Collagen Ampoule -- For Pre Make Up and Moisturizing and Promote Glowing of Skin
4.  Neutralizing Ampoule -- For Pre Make Up and Moisturizing
5.  Open Pore Ampoule -- Minimize Open Pore
6.  Purifying Ampoule -- For Acne, Pimples and Oily Skin
7.  Soothing Ampoule -- Prevent Irritation and Calm Skin
8.  Vitamin C Ampoule -- For Anti Oxidant and Radiant Glow
9.  Whitening Ampoule -- Whitening Effect for Dark Skin (Mencerahkan kulit wajah di samping meningkatkan kelembapan wajah)
10. Clarifying Ampoule -- For Stimulate Cell Renewal and Diminishes Scars
11. Bust Ampoule  -- Lifting the Sagging Bust, Improve Blood Circulation

Direction to use : Break ampoule bottle neck at white lined area with a towel or folded tissue, pour out 1/3 into palm and apply to 1 side of face using fingertips to dab in the contents, follow same steps for next half of face, remaining contents apply onto neck and chest area.

Harga (boleh campur-campur):
Beli 1  box : RM 34.00 seunit
Beli 2  box : RM 32.00 seunit
Beli 3  box : RM 30.00 seunit
Beli 5  box : RM 28.00 seunit
Beli 10 box : RM 26.00 seunit
Beli 15 box : RM 25.00 seunit


nenna said...

dear,i ade problem open pore yg besar kt muke.. ampoure yg ni okay tak? brape lama bru nmpak kesan?

mlsS dAyAh said...

dear, ampoules ni sngt2 ok. dlm ms 1 week dah nmpk kesan!:)